Serving the NH communities of Acworth, Alstead, Charlestown,

Goshen, Lempster, Langdon, Unity, and Walpole

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Fall Mountain Regional High (FMRHS) school was formed after a regional agreement was created in the early 1960’s between the towns of Alstead, Acworth, Charlestown, Langdon, and Walpole. 

In addition to serving these five towns, we also welcome students from the towns of Goshen, Lempster, and Unity. 

All faculty members are dedicated to helping the youth of the communities we serve acquire the skills necessary to be successful when leaving FMRHS.

Mission Statement: It is the purpose of the FMRHS to ensure a quality education, equal opportunity, and the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will prepare each student to become a healthy, active, and productive citizen.

Core Values: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Citizenship

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Langdon, NH 03602
Phone: 603-835-6318
Fax: 603-835-6254

Principal, Richard Towne
603-835-6318 ext. 114
Vice Principal, Heidi Gove
603-835-6318 ext. 113
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