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Site- Based

The Site-Based group is empowered by the Fall Mountain Regional School Districts Board of Education to make decisions regarding our school. 


·     Budget development

·     Goals for academic and social growth of our students

·     Selection of curriculum and special programs

·     Address matters regarding the improvement of the education offered at our school

·     Participation in the accreditation process


Meetings: The second Wednesday of the month at 7 PM in room 43

Support Staff: Katie St.Martin, Patty Batchelder
Teachers: Rob LaTaille, Lisa Ranauro, Diana Bushway
Parents: Ronna Gendron (Alstead), Tracy Spaulding (Charlestown), Don Sellarole (Walpole)
Principal: Thomas H. Ronning
School Board: Mary Henry
Vacancies: 1 parent, 4 community members