Horticulture Competencies

  1. Classification of plants

    • Understand taxonomic and other classifications of plants to build a working understanding of functional differences.

  2. Environmental factors of plant growth

    • Understand the influence of environmental factors, nutrients and growing media on plant growth and how this impacts the production and management of plants.

  3. Plant production management

    • Understand the fundamentals for the production, culture, harvesting and maintenance of plants to demonstrate successful plant management techniques.

  4. Equipment management

    • Understand the proper selection, use, and maintenance of tools and equipment that is essential to plant systems.

  5. Safety

    • Understand and apply safety regulations procedures and methods to have a safe work environment.

  6. Horticultural design

    • Understand and apply design principles to enhance an environment for a variety of purposes.

  7. Entrepreneurship & business management

    • Understand and apply the concepts, techniques and strategies of entrepreneurship or business owner to make sound business decisions.

  8. Career readiness and employability skills

    • Understand the necessary career readiness and employability skills in order to achieve success in today’s workplace.

    • Understand and explore a variety of career options in the horticulture industry.